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About ME


Hi, I’m a Professional Artist specialising in Acrylic Paintings with more than 25 years experience and I Illustrated several children books.


For me to become as an artist was pretty easy. Colours, brushes, canvasses followed me all way round since early childhood as I’m coming from Latvian artist family in several generations.

Participating in exhibitions since sweet sixteen, won several awards, the most important was opportunity to spend some time in Vienna City, Austria where I discovered F. Hundertwasser’s art which really inspired me. Other inspiring names in art for me are Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, and Pablo Picasso.

For the last seventeen years I’m living in Leeds City, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Beautiful scenery of Yorkshire widens my creativity, here is some kind mix of different natures, it’s like Italy, France, Spain and Latvia all in one.

In my paintings, I devote much attention to the play of colours, line and plot. I convey my vision of the world with colours and images, but the plot plays a special role. The paintings were created mainly during my travels. I try to perceive the world not only in my native Latvia, but also in other countries. Each painting has its own story. It tells about scenic mountains of Tuscany, the magic cathedrals of Italy. Perhaps, there are stories about Britain’s magical gardens or a cat that brings warmth and peace to home. A woman waiting for the love of her lifetime…

I wish to spread beauty in the world and to bring happiness to people through my paintings. I wish everyone looking at my paintings to feel the love I can give. Who knows, any person can share this love with others…

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